Origins of Trastevere:
Trastevere is one of the districts of Rome, to be precise is’s the thirteenth district, whose name means – Ita. : “Al di là del Tevere“, ( En: Beyond the Tiber river), which takes inspiration from its geographical position. Trastevere, in fact, since ancient time, was the star of hostilities, in part by the Etruscans and Romans, due to the possibility of being able to have control of the river. With the passing of the centuries it has become an area  full of small traders with their shops clotting the narrow alleys of this location.  In Trastevere you deeply breath in the scent of Rome in the air, the people, the “piazze” (the town squares), the voices, the ” San Pietrini” (cobble stones). The art and culture come together making this district one of the most charming and characteristic of all of Rome. During the day you feel to in a medieval village whereas in the evening instead there are many clubs, bars and restaurants that welcome both the Roman nightlife and the tourists who flock here.

What to see in Trastevere :

Taking a walk in Trastevere means immersing yourself in an atmosphere rich in culture. This first thing to visit is undoubtedly is the “Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere” which is located in the square (with the same name) where you will find the oldest fountain in Rome, where the “water Paola” flows that helped quenche the thirst of the people of Trastevere when there was no water network.
trastevere4The Basilica looks impressive, with a mosaic on the facade that create a play of light and particulary suggestive colors during the first light of dusk.  Then there is “Piazza Egidio” where there is a museum with folk items of ancient Rome.  Even “Piazza Trilussa“, which faces the river, is worth a visit. Besicles the artistic side, you can get lost in the alleys where you can meet craftsmen, shop at markets and choose from an array of restaurants where filling your stomach becomes an imperative. The restaurants are many and offer genuine cuisine and a very approachable. Among the typical dishes there is the Carbonara, Pasta Cacio e Pepe, slow cooked lamb, Baccalà (cod), Pasta Amatriciana an other tasty dishes. Quite famous is the crude “La Parolaccia” restaurant where you can share many laughs, the staff all show-off and taste the dinners, “roman style”, in a friendly manner. You may also choose the enjoy some delicacies from “Enzo al 29”, or “Teo” or go the the “Trattoria degli Amici”. For something sweet you must stop by “Checco er Carrattiere” a café bar/ pastisserie where they constantly produces fresh cakes, pies and ice-cream for an unforgettable Taste.

How to get to Trastevere:

To get to Trastevere is quite simple, by bus, train / Tram or just booking simply a taxi. In any case, if we start from Roma Termini central station, you have to take the bus line “H” and get off at the 5th stop which is “Sonnino-San Gallicano” and within minutes you will reach “Piazza Sant’Egidio“. Those who are traveling on the subway should take the line blue (B) and get off at Coliseum, a short walk to “Piazza Venezia” and from there take the Tram line “8” and get off at the stop “Belli“. From Piazza Venezia you can find also the bus line “H” that will bring you directly to “Viale di Trastevere” (The main street of Trastevere). Coming instead from “Roma Ostiense” you can take the bus line “23” and get off at the stop “Vallati- Pettinati“. The district of Trastevere is well connected and quite simple to reach.

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